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Eye problems in horses are common and often benefit from specialist input to accurately diagnose and manage them.

Dr Bayley regularly sees equine patients, and is able to offer diagnostics and surgery as needed.

We do much of our horse work in conjunction with South Wairarapa Veterinary Services, and our preference is to examine horses at their Carterton clinic where possible. We also do offer farm visits if needed. Please contact us on (04) 390 9134 or for more information or to make an appointment.

Equine Vision Clinics

Vision is extremely important for many of the tasks we ask our horses to do, from jumping fences right down to navigating the trail when out treking.

Vision problems in horses are likely underdiagnosed and can be an important cause of compromised performance and/or behavioural issues. Eye diseases such as cataracts, retinal lesions and corneal lesions can partially or completely obscure vision. Horses can be long- or short-sighted just like we can, which can interfere with their ability to focus on objects. Identifying the presence and nature of a vision problem can help us to more fully understand why a horse is having trouble with a particular task or acting in a particular way, and come up with strategies to manage it.

Pet Eye Care and Southern Wairarapa Veterinary Services have teamed up to offer Equine Vision Clinic days at SWVS Carterton clinic.

We aim to run these days roughly every 2 months depending on demand. Examinations include gait assessment (to ensure there are no neurological or lameness issues that may compromise interpretation of the rest of the examination), functional vision testing, eye examination and retinoscopy (assessment for long- or short-sightedness). The aim of these clinics is to test the eyesight of otherwise healthy horses who do not have known preexisting eye disease. If your horse has a sore eye or any other specific eye problem you would like checked please call us on (04) 390 9134 for advice.

For vision clinic dates and appointments please contact Southern Wairarapa Veterinary Services directly.

Vision clinic flier

Southern Wairarapa Veterinary Services Equine

3240 State Highway 2, Carterton 5713

(06) 377 4061


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