Veterinary Ophthalmic Services

Update 25/3/20

As veterinary care has been classified as an essential service, we will continue to operate in a limited capacity while the country is at alert level 4. We are trialling remote consultations for select cases. We will be triaging patients over the phone and will offer either:

  • remote consultation at home
  • assessment with your usual vet +/- remote input from Kellam during/after the consult
  • consultation with Kellam at his usual host clinic, Carevets Kilbirnie
  • Our host clinic has split the team up to reduce the risk of virus transmission between staff members. This means Kellam can only be in clinic Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Outside of these days we will be able to offer remote consultations only. This may mean we have to make compromises in some cases but we will always have your pets’ wellbeing at heart. We have decided on a pricing structure so if you end up needing to come in for consultation with Kellam after a remote consult, the total price you pay is similar to our usual initial consult fee.

    Remote consultations will take place via You will need a smartphone, a room that can be darkened, a focal light source (cell phone torch, LED pen torch or similar) and a friend/family member to hold the pet. There are parts of the examination that cannot be done remotely so you may need to come for further assessment in person with Kellam in the future.

    Veterinarians: If you have a case present to you that you would appreciate some further advice on, we can set up an online assessment so Kellam can see the patient via a video call. Kellam will guide you to perform an eye assessment and will interpret the findings. The cost to the clinic will be $100 (inc gst).

    Reducing our risk of coronavirus exposure- update 18/3/20

    Due to the potential risk of virus spread in any public location, we are taking certain precautions to minimse the risk of virus transmission to our staff and clients. These include:

  • Regular disinfection of hard surfaces
  • Hand washing and sanitisation between all patients and throughout the day
  • Triaging patients when making appointments to minimse unneccessary people traffic through the clinic
  • Advising staff that if they are unwell they are not to come into work 
  • Minimising the number of people sitting in the waiting area by asking people to wait in their cars until the vet is ready to see them
  • Allowing only one person to enter the consultation room with their animal
  • To assist us with our efforts to reduce the risk of virus spread, please advise us prior to your appointment if you are ill with flu-like symptoms or have recently arrived from overseas. You can contact us on 04 390 9134, or via email 

    If you can not to attend your planned appointment, please call or email to let us know. We will rebook consults and surgeries at no additional charge, even if the cancellation is at very short notice. For certain cases, we may be able to provide an assessment and management plan over the phone. This will almost exclusively only apply to patients Kellam has seen in person recently.

    We hope to be able to continue providing a high level referral service, whilst responsibly minimising the opportunity for virus spread through our community.

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